The Academic Calendar is an essential document for all students and teachers, it contains important academic information regarding classes, events, assessments, due dates and start dates. It’s a great resource to keep students on track.

ICON College has generated its academic calendar for the convenience of the students. Academic calendar is important for the completion of whole year curricular and co-curricular activities successfully. It eases the students to stay proactive and achieve success in all events and also prepare them for scheduling their practical life. Knowing and planning for study sessions will set students up for academic success rather than bringing on an all-nighter of writing papers or memorizing notecards.

         Along with academic calendar breakups of all subjects and classes are also provided before starting the session. This initiative of ICON COLLEGE helps students to know when they are going to complete their syllabus and which topic is delivered by teacher on a particular date. Keeping an accurate and up-to-date calendar of due dates of important assignments, tests, projects and class discussions reminds you of what you need to complete and when.

         If you keenly notice, in our academic calendar of 2020 -21 session, three days that are highlighted in red are set for monthly assessment. Assessments in higher education are crucial in measuring the educational effectiveness and quality of an institution’s offerings. The goal is to measure learning of the student progresses through a specific course.

   Events of whole year are highlighted on our academic calendar. Our whole focus is not on the curricular activities. We also pay equal attention on the physical and mental health of students that is shown on our Academic calendar in which all the co-curricular activities like online activity/ movie, mehfil-e-milad, farewell party, prize distribution, welcome party, annual sports and performances, study and informative tour, are highlighted.

Co-curricular activities help in the holistic development of students and assist in developing critical skills and abilities to be successful and happy in the 21st Century life and workplaces. Therefore, the importance of co-curricular activities is immense during school and college education.


In the 21st Century, the world is changing fast. The conventional education curriculum, which was developed in the early 20th Century, has to pave the way to a new kind of education and learning. In the book 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times, the authors Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel have premised that “the world has changed so fundamentally in the last few decades that the roles of learning and education in day-to-day living have also changed forever”. So, it’s our duty to prepare students for practical life. And ICON COLLEGE sets its academic calendar by keeping in mind all the essentials of a student.