The roles and responsibilities of College faculty members are closely tied to the institution. The dedicate and highly qualified faculty members are putting their best efforts to win laurels for the college. Every possible effort is made to enhance creative potential of students. Dedicated and committed faculty pursues learning not as routine work but as an invigorating process. The institution collects study feedback from the students about the efficiency of the faculty. The faculty permits inquiry and advance the sum of human knowledge to provide general instruction to the students and to develop experts for various branches of the public service. Correspondingly, college faculty members undertake research, teaching, and service roles to carry out the academic work of their respective institutions. Faculty members employ a variety of teaching strategies base on the instructions where they work.

  • Faculty Of Science

The faculty of science is the college's largest faculty, and offers courses in science. Students enjoy a shared working and learning environment that reflects the workplaces they will encounter when they graduate.

  • Faculty of Social sciences

Social sciences are vital part of today’s culture and touch on all areas of life. The faculty of social sciences enhance the students knowledge to examine and explain human beings. This includes a variety of ways- from understanding how minds work, to how societies as a whole function.

  • Faculty of Administrative

A faculty administrator is a senate faculty members appointed to assume administrative responsibilities and duties in specified titles but maintain their underlying faculty appointment.